I'm a professional photographer with more than thirty years of experience, but I am also a big fan of photography.
In my professional photography I dedicate myself to telling what my clients want me to tell adapting to their way of seeing things.
In my photography of author I develop my creativity according to the need I have at that moment to express something, regardless of fashions or trends, so I try not to mix. Each work is defined by the intention Who is entrusting this to me? What is the intention of the assignment? And to whom is it directed? I use digital or analog format depending on the type of report. For jobs that require great quality, I have "Large Format" analogue equipment up to 20x25 cm, capable of satisfying the highest quality requirements, as well as digital backs adapted to Hasselblad cameras, which in combination with the old optics of the Eighties and Nineties give some of the most demanding results that can be found today in the field of perfection and image quality. I also have the best scanners on the market, both virtual drum and flat bed, capable of reaching a maximum density of 4.8 and 4.0 with a perfect focus of the image dedicated to extract the highest possible quality of both negatives and slides. For the final presentation of the images I usually opt for the digital printing of the same, in different types of printing papers, either resin support papers, barite papers or cotton papers 100% acid-free and quality of museums announced with permanence of image for more than one hundred years, with digital printing plotters Epson that provide one of the best proposals of today in final presentation of the images. When the occasion requires it, the manual printing in buckets, on the photosensitive barium papers of silver halides that provide the most exquisite quality, in the same way that has been done in traditional photography for more than one hundred years. In my commercial photography I highlight industrial, advertising, social and editorial works. In my photography of author predominate works on the five elements, the woman, the magic, Egypt and the Way of Saint James.
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