Manú Cordonié



m a professional photographer with over twenty

 years of expience, but I'm also a big fan of photography. In my professional photography dedicated to telling me what my customers want to count suited to his way of seeing things in my author photo of my creative development according to the need to take the time to express something, regardless of fashion or trends, so I try not to mix. Each job is defined by the intention Who is commissioning me this? What is the intention of the commission? And to whom it may concern the same? 

I use digital or analog format depending on the type of story. For jobs that require a very high quality, I have analog equipment "Wide Format up to 8x10 inches plates capable of meeting the highest standards of quality. Likewise for the final presentation of images, sometimes opted for digital printing them, or, when occasion requires manual positivism in buckets, the roles barium photosensitive silver halide that provide the finest quality , just as is being done in traditional photography for over one hundred years. In my commercial photography work include industrial, advertising, social and copyright my photograph editoriales.En dominated work on the five elements, women, magic, Egypt and the Camino de Santiago.